General Catalyst

An integrated data and analytics platform for General Catalyst, a top VC fund


To create executive financial reports that provide stakeholders with reliable information on 400+ portfolio companies' performance.

Over 100 man-hours were required to produce these reports which included the burden of managing multiple data silos consolidated via Excel as baseline data sources.


Build a custom GCP (Google Cloud Platform)-based data platform capable of:

  • Collecting data from various sources like Salesforce, Aumni, AllVue, and Affinity.
  • Transferring it with Airbyte.
  • Storing it in GCP BigQuery.
  • Transforming it with DBT.

Implement an easy-to-use tailor fit data management tool to ensure platform data quality through built-in workflows allowing users to resolve conflicts.

Connect platform with a powerful MS Power BI product where the Authoritative & Reliable Data gets visualized and pulled together, ready for reporting.


  • Substantially reduced the manual effort  previously needed to generate decision driving reports across four major business functions: Finance, Investor Relations, Tax and Portfolio Ops.  
  • Established an authoritative, single source of truth data repository, allowing GC reconcile CRM and vendor supplied data inconsistencies.
  • Significantly reduced error rates in tax accounting and portfolio valuations. 

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