General Catalyst

An integrated data and analytics platform for General Catalyst, a top VC fund


To create executive financial reports that provide stakeholders with reliable information on 400+ portfolio companies' performance.

Over 100 man-hours were required to produce the reports,  including the burden of managing multiple data silos consolidated via Excel as baseline data sources.


Proxet built a custom GCP-based Data Platform capable of collecting data from various sources like Salesforce, Aumni, AllVue, and Affinity, transferring it with Airbyte, storing it in GCP BigQuery and transforming it with dbt.

Proxet implemented an easy-to-use tailor fit Data Management tool to ensure platform data quality through built-in workflows and allow users to resolve conflicts.

The platform is connected with a powerful MS Power BI product where the Authoritative & Reliable Data gets visualized and pulled together, ready for reporting.


  • Substantially reduced the manual effort  previously needed to generate decision driving reports across four major business functions: Finance, Investor Relations, Tax and Profolio Ops.  
  • Established an authoritative single Source of Truth data repository, allowing GC reconcile CRM and vendor supplied data inconsistencies.
  • Significantly reduced error rates in Tax accounting and Portfolio valuations. 

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