Unlock the full potential of Foundry with Proxet, a preferred Palantir Partner

We enable users to leverage the power of Foundry with an operations and business process focus - so teams can analyze, decide, and produce results.
Our team of certified experts will help you navigate the complexities of Foundry and optimize its capabilities.

Implementation and Strategic Guidance

Success with Palantir during and after implementation requires a variety of skills and knowledgable partners. Our business-minded consultants have been driving results and ROI for large global enterprises for years. Proxet’s team of leaders from management consulting, Palantir engineers, and executive operators covers the expertise gap.

Proxet’s Solutions

Strategy and Implementation: Identify, prototype, validate, and roll out the end-user applications and dashboards for the highest impact workflows.

Digital Twin Setup: Configure the ontology to your needs and ensure coherent data access.

Data Pipelining: Bring the right data into the platform and appropriately map user access, security, and compliance.

Foundry Support and Cost Optimization

Proxet helps you objectively evaluate Foundry use cases and provide solutions to maximize data’s impact. We offer ongoing Foundry support to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the platform’s evolving capabilities within the budget.

Proxet’s Solutions

Cost Discovery: Gain clarity on how much you spend and where. Slice and dice your Foundry storage and compute bills by workflow, by department, or by ROI. 

Cost Optimization: Identify cost savings and develop solutions that reduce your spend while continuing to deliver business value.

Support and Improvement: Ensure continuous evolution of your Foundry instance to meet new business demands and improve user satisfaction.

System Integrations: Assist in integrating Foundry with other internal systems, which may help with both cost optimization and improvements.


We Help Organizations Succeed with Palantir Foundry by Continually:

Expanding Our Palantir Foundry Expertise

Our business-minded consultants will work closely with you to set up the ontology, operational dashboards and AI-enabled user applications to ensure frictionless access to data and efficient decision-making.

We'll guide you through the foundational decisions about how to apply Foundry within your business to drive business value with data, while ensuring security and compliance.

Adapting to Technological, Regulatory,
and Global Change

The world is constantly changing, and so are the data sources and workflows that feed into Foundry. Our team is skilled at integrating new data, adapting to regulatory changes, and responding to external events. Whether it's supply chain disruptions or emergency response planning, Proxet will ensure that Foundry remains a powerful tool for you in an evolving world.

Streamlining Inefficient Workflows: Unlocking
Maximum Efficiency

Your most effective workflow might not be your most efficient. Proxet can work with you to optimize the cost of your Foundry usage, eliminate waste, and help you drive business value. We'll empower you to make informed decisions and react to changes across your organization.

Optimizing Costs for Unparalleled ROI

At Proxet, we understand the significance of cost optimization. Our dedicated experts will analyze your workflows, identifying opportunities for efficiency improvements and helping you fully leverage your Foundry investment.

From optimizing storage and compute utilization to implementing cost-saving strategies, Proxet is committed to assisting you in maximizing your return on investment.

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