• IDIQ required faster time to rapidly release and market their new products and features post acquisition by a PE fund, Corsair Capital.
  • A legacy monolithic system running on outdated infra was slow to develop against and challenging for the team to support.
  • A failed project to refactor the monolith prompted engagement with Proxet.


  1. Refactored flagship Monolith to Microservices on GCP. 
  2. Conduct PII, Security and performance assessment. 
  3. Created a partner integration solution for third party participants.
  4. Implemented a native mobile application, enabling real time communication, notifications.
  5. Built enhanced client onboarding functionality by providing educational content and additional product offerings based on user needs/preferences. 
  6. Redisgend existing site functionality into modular components, enabling white labeling capabilities for partners.  


  • Improved overall customer satisfaction with increased security, performance and call center experience.
  • Enabled a new revenue stream for IDIQ from third party referrals.
  • Opened new communication channels with end users and enabled an omnichannel client experience, increasing retention and product stickiness.
  • Enabled IDIQ to absorb additional product cross-selling opportunities.

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