Zus Health

A Twilio for electronic health records


  • HIPAA compliance prevented the team from having access to real data.
  • Data came from multiple sources and in different formats.
  • Users were struggling to efficiently match patients to existing records in high stress clinical setting.


  1. Enabled Zus in Product Design Methodology, eliciting and stabilizing UI/UX and product requirements.
  2. Engineered an automated Two Identifiers matching algorithm conforming to industry standards.
  3. Architected data mapping for multiple disparate and incongruent sources, enabling data consistency and data quality in ETL process.
  4. Implemented synthetic test data generator to enable HIPAA compliant PII protection.


  • Allowed Zus to establish actual, trusted, golden copy patient record.
  • Enabled data quality for care management admins, analysts, and self-service patients.
  • Onboarded 47 digital healthcare companies.

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Anthony M. Gonzales
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Anthony M. Gonzales

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