Zus Health

A Twilio for electronic health records


  • HIPAA compliance prevented the team from having access to real data.
  • Data came from multiple sources and in different formats.
  • Users were struggling to efficiently match patients to existing records in high-stress clinical settings.


  • Enabled Zus in Product Design Methodology, eliciting and stabilizing UI/UX and product requirements.
  • Engineered an automated Two Identifiers matching algorithm that conforms with industry standards.
  • Architected data mapping for multiple disparate and incongruent sources, enabling data consistency and data quality in the ETL process.
  • Implemented synthetic test data generator  to enable HIPAA-compliant PII protection


Allowed Zus to establish a trusted, accurate patient record that enabled data quality for care management admins, analysts, and self-service patients which allows care teams to understand all of a patient’s recent health experiences.

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Anthony M. Gonzales
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Anthony M. Gonzales

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